Patches/proposals waiting for review

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Tue Mar 1 11:33:10 UTC 2016

Thomas (and others)

Thanks for the summary.

I’m painfully aware of these – though I didn’t know about the “Block others” link, thank you.

But I’m under the gun for (a) GHC 8.0 and (b) ICFP deadline on 16 March.  I believe that none of these three are on the must-do list for 8.0 which is why I’ve been deferring.

I feel bad but I’m just over-subscribed. Post ICFP will be easier.


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Hi Simon,

the following issues are waiting for your review:

 "Fix #11348 handle instance dependencies"
by Alexander Vieth

 "Improve printing of pattern synonym types"
by Rik Steenkamp

by Anthony Cowley

Maybe others, they should show up under "Blocking Others" when you go to

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