Msys2 64: progress

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Wed Jun 29 10:35:16 UTC 2016

Hi Simon,

I think you’re right, 
That pattern in the error is the one we pass to find

find "${base_dir}" -name "*.tar.xz" -exec tar xfJ {} \;

on line 334 of which is supposed to unpack the files. 
That the download script doesn’t output nothing makes sense now since the hashes of the files match.

I *think* what’s going on here is that for some reason you don’t have findutils installed and it’s instead using
The windows “find” utility, which generates that error. 

C:\Users\Tamar>find *.tar.xz
File not found - *.tar.xz

Try re-installing findutils, pacman -S findutils, and if find –version doesn’t return the findutils one check your PATH settings.


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