Testsuite total failure on Windows

Thomas Miedema thomasmiedema at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 21:44:48 UTC 2016

Hi Simon,

Is this you working on my show-stopping problem with the tetssuite?
>         sh: line 0: cd:
> c:/users/simonpj/appdata/local/temp/ghctest-qbd2zw123.T9662: No such file
> or directory

I pushed a fix.

It was my mistake. It turns out there are 2 types of Python on Windows
(msys2 and mingw), and the way they handle paths (and also unicode) is
subtly different. This also explains why you sometimes see validate
failures that others don't (such as T5975a). But now I know the cause, so
we can do something about it (later).

By the way Simon: all your emails land in my Spam folder, no matter how
many times I tell click the "Not Spam" button in Gmail. I don't know who's
to blame, but it's really only your emails that end up there, so you may
want to check that out.

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