Should we send Travis messages to ghc-builds?

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Thu Jul 21 07:33:57 UTC 2016


Am Donnerstag, den 21.07.2016, 00:15 +0200 schrieb Ben Gamari:
> Ben Gamari <ben at> writes:
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> > Hello everyone,
> > 
> > While picking up the pieces from a failed merge today I realized that we
> > currently spend a fair bit of carbon footprint and CPU cycles making
> > Travis test GHC yet the results of these tests aren't pushed anywhere.
> > 
> > Would anyone object to having Travis push notifications of changes in
> > red/green state to ghc-builds at Perhaps this will allow some
> > of us to react more quickly to regressions.
> > 
> Actually Thomas points out that we indeed used to do this and yet
> stopped because it meant that users would fork the repository, enable
> Travis build on their fork, and then inadvertantly spam the list. So,
> perhaps we shouldn't do this.

Yes, that is a problem. I still get failed build mails whenever Simon
M. pushes to this 7.10.3-facebook branch.

But should by default Travis notify the committer of a failed commit?
Is that not sufficient?



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