Windows build

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri Jul 8 21:26:57 UTC 2016

I've completed a successful build on my Surface Book!  Thank you.

One last glitch. I'm getting the validate failure bellow.

No other test requires gcc in my path.  GHC itself carefully navigates to its own private gcc.   Do we really want this family of tests (half a dozen variants of T11223) to rely on some random gcc, which might or might not be the same as GHC is using?  Shouldn't we use 'ghc foo.c'?


=====> T11223_simple_unused_duplicate_lib(normal) 3371 of 5211 [0, 6, 1]
cd "/c/Users/simonpj/AppData/Local/Temp/ghctest-hFCtmi/test   spaces/./rts/T11223/" && $MAKE -s --no-print-directory t_11223_simple_unused_duplicate_lib
Wrong exit code (expected 0 , actual 2 )

/bin/sh: gcc: command not found
make[2]: *** [Makefile:42: t_11223_simple_unused_duplicate_lib] Error 127

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