[Diffusion] [Committed] rCABAL2863a628f857: Add two local type signatures

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Jul 8 19:46:33 UTC 2016

I don't believe I made this commit, or the ones around it.   Mysterious; I hope I'm not being impersonated!


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Subject: [Diffusion] [Committed] rCABAL2863a628f857: Add two local type signatures

simonpj committed rCABAL2863a628f857: Add two local type signatures (authored by simonpj).

Add two local type signatures

I'm adding these type signatures to satisfy the "do not generalise
local let/where" rule that GHC is taking on.

The signatures are clearly correct, but I was surprised at the
polymorphism needed. For example

parseOptVersion :: ReadP r Version
parseOptVersion = parseQuoted ver <++ ver

where ver :: ReadP r Version

      ver = parse <++ return noVersion

      noVersion = Version{ versionBranch=[], versionTags=[] }

Note that 'ver' really is called at two different types! That
in turn is because of the type of (<++)

(<++) :: ReadP a a -> ReadP r a -> ReadP r a

(+++) :: ReadP r a -> ReadP r a -> ReadP r a

Note the "a a" in the first arg, which is very unusual.
For example, compare the type of (+++).

Changing it to match the type of (+++) makes ReadP fail to compile,
though, so I assume it's right as it stands. But surely this deserves
a comment?!


simonpj (Author)



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