Linker.c broken

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Let’s re-enable it.   Or: how can I selectively re-enable it for in my

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There used to be a bug in the msys2 runtime which made certain processes hang on exit in a non deterministic way.

So the parallel runs was disabled. I was looking into it but haven't been able to reproduce it at all in months now since either upgrading msys2 or Windows (to Windows 10).

We have a ticket with more information on it and what I found back then, but haven't been able to progress.

It might be that they've just fixed it in the mean time.

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Phyx wrote:

> I can build and validate in about an hour myself using 9 jobs on a core i7.
> If I revert the change in the testsuite preventing parallel runs for
> Windows

Oh dear, why is that?

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