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There's a bunch here. Believe me -- I'm working as fast as I can to wrap up these bugs.

Indeed!  And believe me, we are grateful, both to you and other huge contributors.  GHC is a pretty big enterprise.

The intention is not to pile on pressure, but rather to share information. .  No one is asking you to turn into superman/superwoman.   It’s just that are many people working together, so sharing info about what can and cannot get done by date X is helpful.  No more than that!


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On Jan 26, 2016, at 10:34 AM, Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at<mailto:simonpj at>> wrote:

•         Richard: the ReturnTv stuff (branch wip/exp-types)
Yes. I just pushed a candidate patch that may well validate. I'll merge tomorrow (Wed) on success.

•         Richard: #11471 (levity)
This should hopefully be much easier than ExpTypes. Next Friday is a reasonable deadline.

•         Richard: documentation for TypeInType

•         Geoff: #11487

•         Simon PJ: #11339
Richard, also if you look at you can see “highest” priority tickets with you as owner, that are to do with TypeInType and TypeApplications.

There's a bunch here. Believe me -- I'm working as fast as I can to wrap up these bugs. Unfortunately, our release cycle overlaps with the critical time for the academic job market, so GHC is competing with my need to get a job. If anyone reading this wants to offer me a job, that could indeed have a tangible effect on how quickly I scoop up these bugs! :)



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