Phabricator upgrade - CI will be down for a short time

Austin Seipp austin at
Thu Jan 21 13:07:43 UTC 2016

Hi *,

TL;DR Phabricator will go down for about 5 minutes later today, but
the CI will be off for a while longer.

I wanted to alert everyone: I'll be upgrading Phabricator shortly this
morning, after doing a bunch of testing to make sure our upgrade will
go smoothly.

Luckily, it will go quite smoothly. The upgrade on the database backup
I performed went without a hitch, and everything still seems to work
quite well. You shouldn't really notice a huge difference in
day-to-day usage...

However, it will require redoing some pieces of the CI system, so when
I do the upgrade, _Harbormaster won't work for a short time_. That
means your patches won't get built - do not be alarmed by this.

I tested this before, but we'll have to do some other changes to make
it happen 'for real' this time (including some CDN fiddling). Ben also
recently rewrote the terrible build script I originally wrote, so I'd
like to deploy it instead if possible. Thomas has also rightfully
prodded me about some of the current CI complaints, so hopefully these
can be sorted out too.

This upgrade has been long in the tooth, but luckily you shouldn't
notice much beyond a minor hitch here, and CI being gone for a little
while. Hopefully it should be done by the end of the day.

In the mean time, I'll give Ben access to the newer (20 core)
buildbot, so he'll be able to validate your changes quite quickly for

I'll reply to this email with updates.


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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