Proposal: Longer Testing Cycle

Harry . voldermort at
Wed Jan 20 13:13:50 UTC 2016

> From: ben at
> Subject: Re: Proposal: Longer Testing Cycle
> Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 12:30:25 +0100
> I would be open to changing the way we refer to these early "releases"
> if the current misuse is causing confusion (although not for 8.0, lest
> we spur even more confusion).
> I envision we'd probably have one or more "beta" release (beta1, beta2,
> ...) , followed by hopefully only one "release candidate" (rc1),
> followed by the release.
> Would this address your concern?

Yes, if the "release candidate" really is a release candidate, i.e. this is exactly what we'll publish if no show-stoppers are found.

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