Proposal: Longer Testing Cycle

Harry . voldermort at
Wed Jan 20 11:20:42 UTC 2016

"Glasgow Haskell Compiler 8.0.1, release candidate 1" was recently announced, with a caveat that "This release
candidate in particular is known to suffer from a few significant issues
which are being actively worked upon ... In the coming weeks we will continue to iterate on these issues. We will
also look at Trac tickets marked with "highest" priority on the release
status page."

This leads me to wonder whether release management know what the words "release" and "candidate" mean!

I would like to propose that the builds which are currently branded "release candidate" be rebranded as "beta", seeing as that is what they actually are. When the release manager has a build which s/he feels is ready for release, it should be published as a release candidate. If after a couple of weeks or so the same build is still considered suitable for release, it can be released as is, otherwise a new release candidate and testing period are required.


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