Plugin from ghci REPL?

Conal Elliott conal at
Mon Jan 18 07:52:20 UTC 2016

Is it possible to have GHC plugins get invoked from the ghci *REPL* (in
addition to loaded source modules)? I'm doing some monomorphization-based
transformation, and currently I write scads of trivial monomorphic
specialization definitions like

> sumt6 = sum :: Tree 6 Int -> Int

I'd instead love to enter "let sumt6 = sum :: Tree 6 Int -> Int" or
(better) just "sum :: Tree 6 Int -> Int" into the REPL and have my plugin
run, without having to keep monkeying with a source file and reloading. As
I understand it, an expression is turned into "let it = ...", so maybe the
expression option would come for free with the ability to run plugins on
in-REPL definitions.

-- Conal
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