ghci and unfoldings?

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Mon Jan 18 03:00:36 UTC 2016

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 9:40 PM, Conal Elliott <conal at> wrote:

> I'm developing a GHC plugin (using HERMIT), and I'd like to use ghci to
> speed up development. I'm able to do so, except that my plugin critically
> needs access to unfoldings, which appear to be unavailable in ghci. A
> little experimenting with ghc shows me that "-O" is the key, but "-O" is
> incompatible with "--interactive" (as in ghci). Is there any way to
> persuade ghci to make unfoldings available?

I think unfoldings are only done as part of optimization, and the bytecode
backend doesn't support optimization at all.

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