Injective type families

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Tue Jan 12 09:44:38 UTC 2016

I'd prefer to use TypeFamilyDependencies right now, and keep using that same flag (not a new one) when we extend what "dependencies" means.


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| > I'm joining this conversation late, but I favor TypeFamilyDependencies over
| > InjectiveTypeFamilies. We use the annotations for things other than
| > injectivity! For example,
| >
| > > type family Plus a b = r | r a -> b, r b -> a
| >
| > is not injective under any common understanding of the word.
| But that is not implemented yet and thus will not make it into GHC 8.0.
| Following earlier
| argumentation, once we have generalized injectivity we should put it into a
| separate extension.
| So I'd say we stick with InjectiveTypeFamilies for currently implemented
| features and put the new
| ones in TypeFamilyDependencies.
| That said, I don't like the idea that every addition to a language extension
| means creating a
| separate language extension.
| Janek
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