uniqAway and collisions

Bartosz Nitka niteria at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 17:39:54 UTC 2016


I'm running into core lint issues [1] with my determinism patch [2] and
they appear to come down to uniqAway coming up with a Unique that's already
used in the expression. That creates a collision, making next substitution
substitute more than it needs.

I have 2 questions:

1. When is it safe to use uniqAway?

2. Is my conclusion reasonable given this trace: (full trace here [3])?

I. We start out with (line 123):

CallStack (from ImplicitParams):
  pprSTrace, called at compiler/coreSyn/CoreLint.hs:659:12 in ghc:CoreLint
  e: EqConstr
       @ (s_Xpw a_Xpz)
       @ (s_Xpw b_Xpy)
       @ s_Xpw
       @ b_Xpy
       @ a_Xpz
       @~ (<s_Xpw a_Xpz>_N :: s_Xpw a_Xpz ~# s_Xpw a_Xpz)
       @~ (<s_Xpw b_Xpy>_N :: s_Xpw b_Xpy ~# s_Xpw b_Xpy)
  fun: EqConstr
  args: [TYPE: s_Xpw a_Xpz, TYPE: s_Xpw b_Xpy, TYPE: s_Xpw,
         TYPE: b_Xpy, TYPE: a_Xpz, CO: <s_Xpw a_Xpz>_N, CO: <s_Xpw b_Xpy>_N,
  fun_ty: forall a_apr b_aps (s_Xpw :: * -> *) b_Xpy a_Xpz.
          (a_apr ~# s_Xpw a_Xpz, b_aps ~# s_Xpw b_Xpy) =>
          EqTypes a_Xpz b_Xpy -> EqTypes a_apr b_aps

II. Then we create s_Xpz with uniqAway (line 499) which has the same unique
as a_Xpz above

CallStack (from ImplicitParams):
  pprSTrace, called at compiler/types/TyCoRep.hs:1947:5 in ghc:TyCoRep
  old_var: s_Xpy
  new_var: s_Xpz

III. Which causes trouble when we want to substitute s_Xpw for s_Xpz and we
substitute a_Xpz as well (line 733):

CallStack (from ImplicitParams):
  pprSTrace, called at compiler/coreSyn/CoreLint.hs:813:11 in ghc:CoreLint
  substTyWith [tv] [arg_ty] body_ty forall b_XpB a_XpD.
                                    (s_Xpw s_Xpw ~# s_Xpw a_XpD, s_Xpw
b_Xpy ~# s_Xpw b_XpB) =>
                                    EqTypes a_XpD b_XpB -> EqTypes (s_Xpw
s_Xpw) (s_Xpw b_Xpy)

The uniqAway comes from substTyVarBndrCallback which blames to nokinds

[1] https://phabricator.haskell.org/P77
[2] https://phabricator.haskell.org/P76
[3] https://phabricator.haskell.org/P78
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