New type of ($) operator in GHC 8.0 is problematic

Takenobu Tani takenobu.hs at
Thu Feb 18 13:01:19 UTC 2016

Hi Manuel,

> I do worry about the same thing. The Haskell ecosystem is very much
geared towards experts and tinkerers (with laudable exceptions, such as,
for example, the great work done by Chris Allen). Being an expert and
tinkerer that didn’t worry me too much, but lately I am trying to make
functional programming and Haskell accessible to a broader audience and it
is an uphill battle. Even many professional software developers are put off
even trying to install the toolchain. It is not that they wouldn’t been
able to do it if they wanted. They just can’t be bothered because they are
not convinced of the value of doing so at this stage — exactly as you are
> We should make it easier to get started, not harder.

You are thinking deeply.

We should find approaches that satisfy the follows:

  * No surprise for various beginners

  * No confuse by their step-up

  * No stress for experts

  * No prevent GHC(Haskell)'s evolution

I like diversity of Haskell community =)

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