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Am Freitag, den 12.02.2016, 14:04 -0500 schrieb Richard Eisenberg:
> Ideally, there would be a way to run a portion of the testsuite and
> have the testsuite tool aggregate performance characteristics and
> report.

if you run the test suite with
you get the detailed stats for every perf test, not only for the
failing ones. This is what the gipeda runner does.

You’d still have to manually compare them, though; no aggregation

Also, the compiler perf test cases usually check one specific extreme
code path, so they are not a good measure of real world performance.
nofib is better there, and has comparing integrated, but only checks
those parts of the compiler that deal with idiomatic Haskell code from
10 or 20 years back.

Maybe I should write a text that explains how to run gipeda locally on
a bunch of commits on a local branch... but it’s only making the
results more shiny, not more significant, than running nofib or the
test suite manually.


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