[Template Haskell] Desugaring TH brackets vs. Desugaring normal HsExprS.

Dominik Bollmann dominikbollmann at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 17:17:31 UTC 2016


I'm currently trying to understand GHC's implementation of Template
Haskell and I've had the following two questions when reading upon
deSugar/DsMeta.hs and deSugar/dsExpr.hs (disclaimer: I'm a complete
newbie to GHC and do not know pretty much anything about its internals;
so please excuse silly questions).

1) As far as I understand DsMeta, its purpose is to desugar the contents
of TH quotation brackets, e.g. [| \x -> x |]. Given the HsExpr contents,
say `expr`, of a quotation bracket, it creates a CoreExpr
/representation/ of `expr` such that /evaluating/ this CoreExpr
representation yields a TH expression equivalent to `expr`. (This is
similar to how quotations are implemented in the original TH paper).

On the other hand, when instead writing the above TH quote, (i.e., [| \x
-> x |]), explicitly as

  newName "x" >>= (\x -> lamE (varP x) (varE x))   (*)

there is no need to build a CoreExpr /representation/ because we already
got the TH value we're interested in; Hence, in this case DsExpr
desugars the above (*) directly to a CoreExpr that represents it.

Is my understanding of the above correct? I tried to confirm it using
the following to splices:

test1 :: Q Exp
test1 = [| \x -> x |]

test2 :: Q Exp
test2 = do
  x <- newName "x"
  lamE [(varP x)] (varE x)

However, dumping the desugared output of these splices using `-ddump-ds`
gives the exact same CoreExprS:

test1 :: Q Exp
[LclIdX, Str=DmdType]
test1 =
    @ Name
    @ Exp
    (newName (GHC.CString.unpackCString# "x"#))
    (\ (x_a399 :: Name) ->
         (GHC.Types.: @ PatQ (varP x_a399) (GHC.Types.[] @ PatQ))
         (varE x_a399))

test2 :: Q Exp
[LclIdX, Str=DmdType]
test2 =
    @ Q
    @ Name
    @ Exp
    (newName (GHC.CString.unpackCString# "x"#))
    (\ (x_a39a :: Name) ->
         (GHC.Types.: @ PatQ (varP x_a39a) (GHC.Types.[] @ PatQ))
         (varE x_a39a))

Could anyone explain to me why both CoreExpr dumps are the same?
Shouldn't the first be a /representation/ that, only when run, yields
the second CoreExpr?

If anyone could help me understanding this, it'd be great!

Thanks, Dominik.

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