Making a core app with a function having context in core2core plugin?

Magesh B magesh85 at
Thu Feb 11 07:41:10 UTC 2016

Hi GHC Devs,

Is it possible to make a core app with a function having contexts?
For example, let us take

showable :: P.Show a => a -> String
showable =

Say, I would like to app showable with (Just 'a') in the core, which
requires the following code

    @ (Maybe Char)
    *($fShowMaybe @ Char $fShowChar)*
    (Just @ Char (C# 'a'))

But I couldn't find a way to construct the dictionary required by showable
function myself in the core.
Is there any ghc api using which I can get the required dictionary for a
particular type (in the above case, Dictionary for Show instance of Maybe

Magesh B
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