Confused about the sub-modules

Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Dec 21 19:14:37 UTC 2016

Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+hs at> writes:

> Edward Z. Yang wrote:
>> Not any more. The commit just has to exist in the remote repo (that's
>> what the lint checks.)
> So this is where I am running into trouble. Everything for process 
> and directory is fine, but for Cabal and containers, the git repo
> on is missing the commits I need.
Hmm, what in particular is missing? Cabal seems up-to-date (both and master
branches point to 09865f60caa55a7b02880f2a779c9dd8e1be5ac0). As does
containers (both point to 71c64747120c3cd1b91f06731167009b0e5b2454).

In general all of this should be reasonably automatic. However, when
upstreams push non-fast-forward updates to their branches a bit of
manual intervention is necessary; if in doubt just ask as you've done


- Ben
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