Confused about the sub-modules

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at
Wed Dec 21 06:48:46 UTC 2016

Once the commit is upstream, I just checkout a newer commit from
master and then commit it as a submodule update. Maybe it's
wrong but no one has ever told me otherwise.  Around release
time the release manager makes sure all the libraries correspond to
actual releases.


Excerpts from Erik de Castro Lopo's message of 2016-12-21 17:33:36 +1100:
> Hi all,
> I'm a bit confused about how the GHC dev tree handles submodules like
> libraries/Cabal, libraries/process, libraries/directory and
> libraries/containers.
> All of these libraries/submodules seem to have their own github projects
> where people can submit PRs, but once the commits have been made there,
> what is the process to get submodules updated in the GHC tree?
> Any light people can shed on this process would be appreciated.
> Erik

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