MarLinn monkleyon at
Fri Dec 9 17:13:34 UTC 2016

Pretty random idea: What if ghc exposed measurement points for 
performance and telemetry, but a separate tool would handle the 
read-out, configuration, upload etc. That would keep the telemetry from 
being built-in, while still being a way to get *some* information.

Such a support tool might be interesting for other projects, too, or 
even for slightly different use cases like monitoring servers. The 
question is if such a tool would bring enough benefit to enough projects 
for buy-in and to attract contributors. And just separating it doesn't 
solve the underlying issues of course, so attracting contributors and 
buy-in might be even harder than it already is for "normal" projects. 
Close ties to ghc might improve that, but I doubt how big such an effect 
would be.

Additionally, this approach would just shift many of the questions over 
to Haskell-platform and/or Stack instead of addressing them – or even 
further, on that volatile front-line space where inner-community 
conflict roared recently. It wouldn't be the worst place to address 
them, but I would hesitate to throw yet another potential point of 
contention onto that burned field.

Basically: I like that idea, but I might just have proven it fruitless 


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