Last call for merge requests for 8.0.2

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Tue Aug 30 21:46:34 UTC 2016

"Boespflug, Mathieu" <m at> writes:

> Depends how you look at it I guess. It's arguably a fix to addModFinalizer,
> which never really worked for the use case it was intended since it was
> first introduced. This function was added by the author of
> language-c-inline, who wanted things like
> cos :: Double -> Double
> cos x = [c| cos($x) |]
> to work by having a new C wrapper function for the quasiquote be generated
> and written to disk at the end of the type checking phase. Doing it at the
> end means all quasiquotes in the whole module can be dumped at once.
> Problem is, the type environment was not available by then, so the user was
> forced to provide an explicit type annotation to help with the code
> generation, as is done in inline-c:
> cos :: Double -> Double
> cos x = [c| double { cos($double:x) } |]
> From GHC 7.8, types for locally bound variables weren't even available at
> the quasiquotation site, for reasons. But it's perfectly safe to make them
> available by the time all type checking is finished.
> We could wait of course, but in the meantime this is completely holding up
> the "inline" features of inline-java. Because for inline-java we decided
> that the (redundant) type annotations such as the above were really too
> verbose in the case of Java, and would require significant hacks to the
> language-java parser, so we don't support them. That's why I for one am
> keen to have addModFinalizer make into a release as soon as possible.
> But I completely understand your risk aversion for a point release. Here's
> some data to help you evaluate the risk: the patch is specific to TH
> finalizers registered using addModFinalizer, a function that is currently
> used by only one package out there at the moment: expandth (based on github
> code search - short of being able to code search all of Hackage directly).
Fair enough; this is compelling enough a reason to me. I've gone ahead
and merged it. However, would either you or Facundo be able to write a
release notes entry?


- Ben
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