Action Required: Status of Harbormaster for Differentials

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Aug 29 15:17:07 UTC 2016

Ben Gamari <ben at> writes:

> Joachim Breitner <mail at> writes:
>> Hi,

> Ahh, sure. Right, it's expected that ssh requires a key. Indeed http is
> more fitting for your bot.
>> I’ll wait for the CDN to get working.
> I'll let you know when things have been sorted.
Well this is unfortunate: it looks like GHC might be too big [1] for
Phabricator's HTTP git hosting logic. Unfortunately it's hard to claim
this with much confidence since the endpoint provides no error message
beyond a 500 status code.

I'm not really sure what to advise here; I'll try to raise a flag with
the Phacility people but even if I could confirm that T4369 is the
culprit, it's a bug that still unfixed after more than two years and I
don't hold out much hope that there will be a fix in the near-term. They
suggest that affected users instead use SSH. Sadly this would mean that
you would need to provide a key to your bot.

It is certainly not a very satisfying answer, but I'm afraid it is
likely the best we'll be able to do for a while.


- Ben

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