Is Safe Haskell intended to allow segfaults?

Ryan Newton rrnewton at
Mon Aug 8 17:41:37 UTC 2016

> Pretty sure it's impossible to allow IO without enabling all of it one way
> or another. And as soon as you allow *any* IO, you're open to various kinds
> of failures including segfaults. The only way you will get your type system
> to prevent that is fully specified dependent typing both in your program
> *and in the OS level interfaces*. I wish you luck on the latter.

I don't agree.  This would seem to imply that type safe / memory safe
imperative languages are impossible, and that OCaml/Java/C#/etc are a false

Which APIs and dangers are you thinking of?  I'm worried about bounds
checks on memory access, and the capability of foreign code to poke at
arbitrary memory.

But other APIs like these should be fine:

   - IORef API
   - MVar API
   - STM API
   - File IO API
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