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But your email will soon disappear into the mists of time, and the page itself does not convey the same information.  

Is there a wiki page, kept up to date, that explains exactly how to read the performance results?


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|  Hi,
|  the list of branches
|  on
|  c0ca8588956494efa3308d36baf36f5%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&
|  sdata=Rk2Y38BjXeE9Et8yxiuOdpiJ3PSMn9RdIxonRksxTc4%3d got more useful.
|  It now shows the difference from the branch head to the merge base¹,
|  which should roughly exhibit the performance change that would be
|  caused by merging the branch into master.
|  If the branch head or the merge base have not been measured (e.g.
|  because the build failed), the display might be a bit confusing. Same
|  with branches that often merge or cherry-pick from master. But in the
|  common case of a linear, possibly rebased, feature branch, it should
|  work fine.
|  Greetings,
|  Joachim
|  ¹ Which, I think, is the youngest commit also reachable from master. Or
|  something like that. Consult "man git merge-base" if you want a little
|  mind teaser.
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