GHC 8.0.1-rc3 and required version of elfutils [Was: GHC 8.0.1-rc3 source tarball availability]

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Apr 11 08:24:17 UTC 2016

Andrés Sicard-Ramírez <asr at> writes:

> On 10 April 2016 at 20:55, Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:
>> I've pushed a new tarball based on
>> 9c48d8a02dd80bba3bd313bc52add841530e28dc. I have pushed essentially
>> everything into this candidate that I expect will go into 8.0.1. It
>> validates but it isn't nearly as well tested as the previous tree. I'll
>> try doing some further builds tomorrow and let you all know if anything
>> goes awry.
> From running `./configure` on
This binary distribution was uploaded unintentionally and was built for
general public consumption. Our binary distributions won't be built with
libdw support

> it seems that the required version of elfutils is 0.158, however this
> version of elfutils is not checked when running `./configure` on
> That is, instead of get an error on configuration time because my
> version of elfutils is too old, I get an error on compilation time.
Ahhh, yes, it seems like neither the source nor binary distribution
configure scripts actually check for the libdw version. Thanks for
noticing this! I've opened #11820 to track this and D2103 with what I
believe is a fix.


- Ben
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