Trouble with first GHC patch submission: uncommitted changes

Conal Elliott conal at
Thu Apr 7 00:11:43 UTC 2016

I'm trying to get through my first GHC patch submission, using git and
Phabricator, following directions at "git status" shows two
unstaged changes: "deleted:    test   spaces" and "modified:
../libraries/bytestring (modified content)" (in a submodule). I don't know
where either change came from. When I use "arc diff" to submit my intended
change to the compiler, I get asked about these to uncommitted changes. I
say to ignore the submodule change and do not amend my commit with the
"test   spaces" deletion, I get "Usage Exception: You can not continue with
uncommitted changes. Commit or discard them before proceeding." I don't
know how to discard (nor whether safe), and I don't think I want to commit.

Note: the directions say to use "arc diff~" (rather than "arc diff"), to
which arc replied "(Assuming 'diff~' is the British spelling of 'diff'.)".

Thanks for any help!

-- Conal
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