Benchmarking harnesses for a more modern nofib?

Ryan Newton rrnewton at
Wed Apr 6 17:17:41 UTC 2016

FYI, moving discussion off the ghc-devs list to avoid spamming it.  Check
out this mailing list if interested:!forum/haskell-benchmark-infrastructure

So far, we're discussing benchmark harnesses and perf dashboards, but I'm
sure we'll get to the benchmarks themselves at some point.

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 11:59 AM, Carter Schonwald <
carter.schonwald at> wrote:

> The cause of the initial blowup was adding the vector test suite to the
> normal cabal file, in both 0O and O2 forms.  This was done so that fusion
> rules based bugs wouldn't lie in hiding for years.
> It sounds like the issues that resulted in built blowup are fixed in 8.0.
> My guess is it's a combination of some type class coercion / equality
> manipulation getting better plus other improvements in 8.0, both.
> On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, Dominic Steinitz <dominic at> wrote:
>> Ryan Newton <rrnewton <at>> writes:
>> >  Hi all, Is anyone currently working in, or interested in helping
>> > with, a new benchmark suite for Haskell?  Perhaps, packaging up
>> > existing apps and app benchmarks into a new benchmark suite that
>> > gives a broad picture of Haskell application performance today?
>> I am very interested. I recently encountered a serious performance
>> regression from 7.8 to 7.10 which seems to be fixed in 8.0. Now it's
>> not clear whether this was a library change or ghc itself. I suspect
>> the latter but given the performance is better in 8.0, I was not
>> motivated to confirm this.
>> I am happy to wrap up my example in whatever format but note that it
>> does pull in quite a few libraries.
>> Dominic.
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