Benchmarking harnesses for a more modern nofib?

Ryan Newton rrnewton at
Mon Apr 4 05:06:13 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Is anyone currently working in, or interested in helping with, a new
benchmark suite for Haskell?  Perhaps, packaging up existing apps and app
benchmarks into a new benchmark suite that gives a broad picture of Haskell
application performance today?

Background: We run nofib, and we run the shootout benchmarks.  But when we
want to evaluate basic changes to GHC optimizations or data representation,
these really don't give us a full picture of whether a change is beneficial.

A few years ago, fibon <> tried to
gather some Hackage benchmarks.  This may work even better with Stackage,
where there are 180 benchmark suites among the 1770 packages currently.

Also, these days companies are building substantial apps in Hackage.  Which
substantial apps could or should go into a benchmark suite?  I see Warp and
other web server benchmarks
over the web.  But is there a harness that can time some of this code while
running inside a single-machine, easy-setup benchmark suite?

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