Attempting to Create a semi-official Haskell layer for Open Embedded/Yocto

drquigl drquigl at
Thu Sep 24 14:22:58 UTC 2015

Hello Everyone,

I had asked about cross compilers about 5 months back and other 
priorities have put that work on hold. However I am once again tasked 
with trying to get Haskell to build properly within an embedded 
environment we use. I found the additional pages on the Haskell build 
system and its architecture and everything it uses and read through all 
of them. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me 
work through the problems I'm having with the build of Haskell in Open 
Embedded. I want to use the most up to date release of Haskell and if we 
need to push any changes to the build system to facilitate getting this 
working for everyone I'm happy to do so.

I can set up a repository on github with all the appropriate sub modules 
to make it easy for someone to check out and start trying to build GHC. 
If anyone is interested in tackling this problem with me I'm happy to 
arrange a phone call or some other form of meeting to go over the 
specifics of OE and fill that person or persons in on what I hope to 

If you are interested please let me know and we can try to work on 
getting better build support for Embedded toolchains.


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