How to get types including constraints out of TypecheckedModule

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Fri Sep 18 09:22:09 UTC 2015

I have not looked in detail, but I'm confident that all the info you want is there.   For let/where/top-level bindings, the polymorphic binders you want are in the 'AbsBinds' construct.

  | AbsBinds {                      -- Binds abstraction; TRANSLATION
        abs_tvs     :: [TyVar],
        abs_ev_vars :: [EvVar],  -- ^ Includes equality constraints

       -- | AbsBinds only gets used when idL = idR after renaming,
       -- but these need to be idL's for the collect... code in HsUtil
       -- to have the right type
        abs_exports :: [ABExport idL],

        -- | Evidence bindings
        -- Why a list? See TcInstDcls
        -- Note [Typechecking plan for instance declarations]
        abs_ev_binds :: [TcEvBinds],

        -- | Typechecked user bindings
        abs_binds    :: LHsBinds idL

The info you want is in the abs_exports field: 

data ABExport id
  = ABE { abe_poly  :: id           -- ^ Any INLINE pragmas is attached to this Id
        , abe_mono  :: id
        , abe_wrap  :: HsWrapper    -- ^ See Note [AbsBinds wrappers]
             -- Shape: (forall abs_tvs. abs_ev_vars => abe_mono) ~ abe_poly
        , abe_prags :: TcSpecPrags  -- ^ SPECIALISE pragmas

This pairs the "polymorphic" and "monomorphic" versions of the bound Ids.   You'll find the monomorphic one in the bindings in the abs_binds field; and you'll find the very same binder in the abe_mono field of one of the ABExport records.  Then the corresponding abe_poly Id is the polymorphic one, the one with type 
	foo :: forall a. Num a => a

I hope this is of some help.  If so, would you like to update the Commentary (on the GHC wiki) to add the information you wish had been there in the first place?  Thanks!


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| Subject: How to get types including constraints out of TypecheckedModule
| Hi ghc-devs,
| I have a question and some code to ponder on for you all: In ghc-mod we
| have
| this very useful command to get the type of something in the middle of a
| module,
| i.e. not a toplevel binder. Essentially we just optain a TypecheckedModule
| and
| traverse the tm_typechecked_source and then extract the Types from that in
| various places.
| This all works nice and well but we have one problem, namely the
| contraints are
| missing from all types. Now I'm sure there's a good reason GHC doesn't
| keep
| those inline in the syntax tree but my question is how do I get them?
| I've created a testcase that demonstrates the problem:
|     $ git clone
| cd011db47%7c1&sdata=40WgQQpssauSfbsTPpDVzhEwwhBHUAwEAGf8%2fADzxxg%3d
|     $ cd 1101b8273f945ba14184
|     $ ghc -package ghc -package ghc-paths GhcTestcase.hs
|     $ ./GhcTestcase
|     Type: a
| Even though the type of the binder I'm looking at has the type `Num a =>
| a`.
| --Daniel

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