RFC: Unpacking sum types

Ryan Newton rrnewton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 02:22:24 UTC 2015

> If we expose it on the Haskell level, I find MkSum_1_2# the right thing
> to do: It makes it clear that (conceptually) there really is a
> constructor of that name, and it is distinct from MkSum_2_2#, and the
> user cannot do computation with these indices.

I don't mind MkSum_1_2#, it avoids the awkwardness of attaching it to a
closing delimiter.  But...  it does still introduce the idea of cutting up
tokens to get numbers out of them, which is kind of hacky.  (There seems to
be a conserved particle of hackiness here that can't be eliminate, but it
doesn't bother me too much.)
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