stg_upd_frame_info still broken

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Oct 27 14:46:33 UTC 2015

Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:

> Friends
> I still cannot build GHC on Windows. On Ben's advice I dumped my
> current msys setup and re-installed msys64 as described here

I'm sorry to hear that updating msys2 didn't do the trick. I'm still
trying to reproduce this in the background. My previous builds were of
the ghc-7.10 branch so it's possible this regression was introduced into

> I cloned an entirely new GHC repository.
> Then 'sh validate'.
> Same result as before: any attempt to run GHCi fails with an unresolved symbol.
> bash$ c:/code/HEAD-1/inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 --interactive
> GHCi, version 7.11.20151026:  :? for help
> ghc-stage2.exe: unable to load package `ghc-prim-'
> ghc-stage2.exe: C:\code\HEAD-1\libraries\ghc-prim\dist-install\build\HSghc-prim- unknown symbol `_stg_upd_frame_info'
> How could I actually find what the problem is? Trying random things
> and hoping the problem goes away clearly is not working.
I would first try to find the object file which is supposed to provide
this symbol and figure out whether the problem is one of the RTL 
(which is what I would put my money on) or some part of the build


- Ben
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