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I think you need to remove Ctype and Lexer from
On 27 Oct 2015 11:06 AM, "Simon Peyton Jones" <simonpj at microsoft.com> wrote:

> It’s just not my day.
> Now, on Linux, on my branch wip/spj-wildcard-refactor, I get a failure in
> dll-split!  Should dll-split be running at all on Linux????
> The output it produces is below.
> I’m totally stuck.  Help desperately needed.
> Simon
> inplace/bin/dll-split compiler/stage2/build/.depend-v-p-dyn.haskell
> "DynFlags" "Annotations ApiAnnotation Avail Bag BasicTypes Binary
> BooleanFormula BreakArray BufWrite Class CmdLineParser CmmType CoAxiom
> ConLike Coercion Config Constants CoreArity CoreFVs CoreSubst CoreSyn
> CoreTidy CoreUnfold CoreUtils CoreSeq CoreStats CostCentre Ctype DataCon
> Demand Digraph DriverPhases DynFlags Encoding ErrUtils Exception FamInstEnv
> FastFunctions FastMutInt FastString FastStringEnv FieldLabel Fingerprint
> FiniteMap ForeignCall Hooks HsBinds HsDecls HsDoc HsExpr HsImpExp HsLit
> PlaceHolder HsPat HsSyn HsTypes HsUtils HscTypes IOEnv Id IdInfo IfaceSyn
> IfaceType InstEnv Kind Lexeme Lexer ListSetOps Literal Maybes MkCore MkId
> Module MonadUtils Name NameEnv NameSet OccName OccurAnal OptCoercion
> OrdList Outputable PackageConfig Packages Pair Panic PatSyn PipelineMonad
> Platform PlatformConstants PprCore PrelNames PrelRules Pretty PrimOp
> RdrName Rules Serialized SrcLoc StaticFlags StringBuffer TcEvidence
> TcRnTypes TcType TrieMap TyCon Type TypeRep TysPrim TysWiredIn Unify UniqFM
> UniqSet UniqSupply Unique Util Var VarEnv VarSet Bitmap BlockId ByteCodeAsm
> ByteCodeInstr ByteCodeItbls CLabel Cmm CmmCallConv CmmExpr CmmInfo
> CmmMachOp CmmNode CmmSwitch CmmUtils CodeGen.Platform CodeGen.Platform.ARM
> CodeGen.Platform.ARM64 CodeGen.Platform.NoRegs CodeGen.Platform.PPC
> CodeGen.Platform.PPC_Darwin CodeGen.Platform.SPARC CodeGen.Platform.X86
> CodeGen.Platform.X86_64 Hoopl Hoopl.Dataflow InteractiveEvalTypes MkGraph
> PprCmm PprCmmDecl PprCmmExpr Reg RegClass SMRep StgCmmArgRep StgCmmClosure
> StgCmmEnv StgCmmLayout StgCmmMonad StgCmmProf StgCmmTicky StgCmmUtils
> StgSyn Stream"
> Reachable modules from DynFlags out of date
> Please fix compiler/ghc.mk, or building DLLs on Windows may break (#7780)
> Redundant modules: Ctype Lexer
> simonpj at cam-05-unx:~/5builds/HEAD-2$
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