dns issues with ghc.haskell.org

lennart spitzner lsp at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Sat Oct 17 00:05:27 UTC 2015


This mail is intended for the maintainers of ghc.haskell.org who i can
hopefully reach on this list.

Once more i run into the issue that firefox resolves ghc.haskell.org
to the wrong (an outdated?) ip address (resulting in some 500 Internal
Server Error page; i guess on some other server..). When switching to
a different browser the address is resolved "correctly" and i reach
the expected server.

For me personally this is only slightly annoying, but another fellow
on irc recently reported the same symptoms, so i am not the only one
affected. Might be worth resolving.

I have not observed a failure of this kind for any other server. I
don't really know what could be the issue or how to diagnose this
further. If it helps, in this case (have not checked when this
occurred previously):
"wrong" address


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