D1428: Rework treatment of wildcards

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Nov 26 15:58:27 UTC 2015


So that you know, the state of play is:

* wip/spj-wildcard-refactor is fully up to speed with HEAD
* It validates except for perf/compiler/T3064 (8% loss)
* It does need a decent commit message

I'd really like this in 8.0:
 - It's a big patch, so not having it will lead to lots of
   tiresome cross-branch porting
 - It does fix things in the wildcard story
Of these the former is the more important.

The only think holding me up is that I really don't understand the perf regression.  It seems to be in the simplifier, which I have not touched!  Working on it.  But in the worst case I can commit and open a ticket for the perf regression


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