Cabal and simultaneous installations of the same package

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I see this as mission-critical to relieving Cabal hell.  (Am I alone?)  So it’s great that Vishal is going to work on it.  Go Vishal!

Can I take it, then, that the Cabal developers will be sufficiently involved that, assuming there are no show-stopping problems, they’ll accept the patch?

It is tantalising to me that something so critical has been so long delayed.   It’d be fantastic if it was done this summer.


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For the info of all, here is the proposal:

The mentors are Ryan Trinkle and Thomas Tuegel. Hopefully as the project proceeds, Vishal will be checking in with us, asking questions and seeking clarification where necessary, etc.


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> Dear Cabal developers
> I guess everyone is busy, but I feel a bit stuck on knowing how to make
> progress on this thread.

Vishal Agrawal's GSoC proposal has been accepted. I guess we'll have
to wait and see what comes out of it now.
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