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Randy Polen randyhaskell at
Thu May 7 16:29:34 UTC 2015

For the sake of the Haskell Platform users, I hope 7.10.2 will include the
following fixes in the accompanying haddock and cabal.

* Support for haddock response files to handle very long command lines (Windows)

* Correct the cross-package links for all haddock-generated documentation (All)

The shenanigans I did to get the Windows HP built using a hacked up cabal and
haddock were not appropriate for a release (and so I never released my builds
of the HP 2015.2.0.0 on the Windows platform). On top of that, once I finally
got it all to build in this uncomfortable, un-reproducible way (e.g., hacked
PATH to hacked binaries), I noticed all the cross-package and index links in
the docs were wrong, which sealed the deal (as far as I was concerned) to not
release it.

I hope that the solutions to these two issues can be incorporated into 7.10.2,
so that build process for the Windows HP will be worthy and suitable for such
a release, and so that the documentation links will be correct and useful to the


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