[Haskell-cafe] RFC: "Native -XCPP" Proposal

Kosyrev Serge _deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru
Wed May 6 15:27:58 UTC 2015

Sven Panne <svenpanne at gmail.com> writes:
> 2015-05-06 16:21 GMT+02:00 Bardur Arantsson <spam at scientician.net>:
>> +1, I'll wager that the vast majority of usages are just for version
>> range checks.
> The OpenGL-related packages used macros to generate some binding magic
> (a "foreign import" plus some helper functions for each API entry),
> not just range checks.

So, metaprogramming.

The question that comes to mind -- why suffer such a lousy tool as cpp
for metaprogramming?

Why *shouldn't* TH fill that role?  What can be done about it?

Косырев Серёга

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