HCAR DUE SOON: Please help edit!

Austin Seipp austin at well-typed.com
Wed May 6 13:27:29 UTC 2015

Hi *,

(Apologies for the caps lock cruise-control in the title.)

After sitting on it for a bit, it dawned on me today that the may HCAR
report is due soon - in about two weeks!

So, it's that time of the year again, and I'd like you all to take a
quick glance at the page and edit some stuff in about what you're all
working on, because I can't possibly keep up with it all. :)


Note that I've already put some boilerplate on the page, but some of
it is old, from the last report - but some other things slipped, so
maybe it's not old!

The best case is you will read this page in 5 minutes and it will look
OK. At worst, you may need to tweak a paragraph or write a new one -
so please read and contribute!

Note: I'll continue editing this page as time goes on, to prepare it
for submission.


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP, http://www.well-typed.com/

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