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Tue May 5 19:44:23 UTC 2015

> On May 5, 2015, at 7:30 AM, Jan Stolarek <jan.stolarek at> wrote:
> I just noticed that bugs for several of our libraries can either be tracked on Trac (there is a 
> corresponding entry in the "Component" field) or on github (issue tracking for that library is 
> enabled in the repo). These libraries are: directory, hoopl, old-time, pretty, process, random 
> and unix. I don't like the idea of spreading bug reports in two separate places, unless there is 
> a good reason for doing this (eg. because we actually use our own copies of these libraries). So, 
> is this duplication intended or accidental?

As of a couple of months ago, we updated

to include the definitive source for where issues should be tracked on a package by package basis for all of the core libraries. As we spread maintainership of these packages around, we found more and more people preferred using github issue tracking to the legacy trac.

There may well wind up with parallel trac items for some items in a separate project issue tracker, but the primary reason for such would be when ghc has to respond to an external change. Most (if not all) of the remaining duplicate issues were pushed out to the corresponding external trackers.

As we clear out the remaining issues, we might look at removing these as component selections in the trac.


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