Help with GHC 7.10 on Homebrew?

Mike Craig mkscrg at
Mon May 4 17:12:19 UTC 2015

Hey all, I'm trying to help improve the GHC-via-Homebrew situation. It's
been busted for a while now.

Someone opened a reasonable-looking PR to update the ghc formula. It
removes a few bad hacks added over the years:

However, the build fails on CI when setting up HPC:

> cat utils/hpc/hpc.wrapper >> inplace/bin/hpc
> cat: utils/hpc/hpc.wrapper: No such file or directory

The full log is here, with that error near the bottom:

Is this problem familiar to anyone? That formula builds on my laptop (also
Yosemite), and I'm not familiar enough with the GHC build to know what to
try next. Any help is much-appreciated!

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