Bootstrapping 7.8 using 7.10

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at
Wed Mar 18 23:34:34 UTC 2015

OK, let me clarify the modern situation right now:

    - Libraries which need to have their bounds bumped are now hpc,
      hoopl, haskeline, terminfo, Cabal (the new ones are due to the
      filepath bump)

    - An alternative to the transformers issue is to simply remove
      transformers as a bootstrap package. This is what my current
      ghc-7.8 branch does.


Excerpts from Yitzchak Gale's message of 2015-03-18 08:10:36 -0700:
> Moving here from Reddit, as suggested by Herbert.
> This a continuation of a thread that started with
> Edward Yang's post here:
> continued here, a few months later:
> and ended here, in the following month:
> Herbert Valerio Riedel wrote on Reddit
> (
> > I think I remember what the problem was with your patch (and why it
> > wasn't picked up rightaway): you needed tweaks to boot packages such
> > as transformers would cause the GHC source-tarball to diverge from
> > the officially released upstream packages. One solution would be to
> > rather provide an out-of-tree patch a user can apply manually,
> > rather than making an official GHC 7.8.5 release with unofficial
> > modifications to upstream packages (which would also require some
> > administration overhead on the Git level as upstream packages are
> > automatically mirrored Git submodules).
> I think Edward's last post (in January, linked above) addressed those
> concerns. In summary: release upstream point releases for hpc and
> hoopl that only bump the dependencies of base and time, and provide
> instance Applicative IO in the GHC sources for 7.8.5 so that no change
> is needed for transformers.
> Will that work? Can we go with this?
> Thanks,
> Yitz

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