LLVM failures

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Mar 4 12:04:47 UTC 2015

These two LLVM tests are still failing consistently for me (on Linux).  I think Austin said this should not happen, and he would fix, but I can't find the thread.  Anyway, what should I do?

<no location info>:

    You are using an old version of LLVM that isn't supported anymore!

    We will try though...

/usr/bin/opt: /tmp/ghc60014_1/ghc60014_2.ll:7:6: error: expected type

!0 = !{!"top", i8* null}

Unexpected failures:

   llvm/should_compile  T5681 [exit code non-0] (optllvm)

   llvm/should_compile  T7571 [exit code non-0] (optllvm)
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