help with recognizing symbolic identifiers

Richard Eisenberg eir at
Sat Jun 27 14:36:05 UTC 2015

Hi devs,

I've just posted #10583 ( about fixing up basicTypes/Lexeme.hs. As stated in the ticket, I'm happy to do the hacking, but I need some advice. My most pressing question is this:

Examine the following functions, which all should do the same thing
  * isVarSymChar:
  * okSymChar:
  * notFollowedBySymbol:

These functions intend to identify characters that can appear in symbolic identifiers. They all have different implementations. Which one is right? Or is there a better way to do this operation?

There are other questions in the ticket, but I can probably sort those out on my own. If you can help, ideally you will respond in the ticket itself.

Many thanks!
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