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Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Jun 26 07:55:39 UTC 2015

I'm looking for someone, or a small group, to act as a Supreme Being for Template Haskell.  Might you be willing?
There is a steady trickle of bug reports / feature requests relating to Template Haskell, which I find that I simply don't have the time to pay proper attention to.  Here is a recent example http://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/10572.   But if no one pays attention, they languish.
None of them is very hard, but all require a little careful thought.  What should the Template Haskell API be like?  What semantics do we want?
My hope is that if someone, or a small group, felt mandated to push TH forward, then we might make some progress.  At the moment I have the uneasy feeling that while everyone can make suggestions, it's all waiting for SPJ to decide something, and SPJ is not paying enough attention.  I don't want to be a bottleneck.  Moreover, since I'm not a heavy-duty TH user, I'm poorly placed to make design choices.
The reason I'm optimistic is because the steady trickle tells me that TH is in fact highly valued and widely used.  So perhaps among that group there are some people who would be willing to debate alternative designs, make choices, and implement them.
I would be more than willing to act as consultant, both on design and implementation.
GHC absolutely relies on its community.   Please consider making an offer to help.   Thanks!
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