GHC Weekly News - 2015/06/10

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Wed Jun 10 21:36:51 UTC 2015

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Hi *,

Welcome for the latest entry in the GHC Weekly News. The past week,
GHC HQ met up for a quick catch up on 7.10.2 (which you'll want to
read up on, see below), and some other technical nonsense about some
work we've been doing. As a result the current weekly notes have been
slow - the current priority is the next release though, which leads us

== 7.10.2 status ==

7.10.2 is '''going to be out soon''' - our current plan is to have a
release candidate on '''the weekend of Saturday the 13th''', and the
final release '''the next week'''. That means if you want something
fixed, you'd better hollar ''very'' soon, or we're just not going to
get to it!

If you're wondering what's currently been fixed/scheduled,  the
[ status page]
shows the current set of tickets we've fixed and plan on fixing.

== List chatter ==

  - Edward Z. Yang has written up a new wiki page to clearly explain
and document all the various confusion around package keys, package
ids, etc as a result of all the new Backpack work. If you're
interested in this, it's definitely worth a read.

  - Mark Lentczner sez: The Haskell Platform has finally outgrown
Travis-CI, now going beyond the 50 minute build limit. Mark asks what
alternatives we can use going forward.

  - Jan Stolarek asks: in some cases, GHC will generate default
instances or values, but that source code has no textual information
location (for example, consider an `instance` clause without the
`where`) - what do people think about fixing this, and are there
anythings to look out for?

  - David Luposchainsky has opened a new thread - about moving `fail`
out of `Monad` and into its own typeclass, `MonadFail`. This change is
a request that's very long in the tooth (older than the AMP or FTP
changes by a landslide), but David's proposal has a clearly set out
goal to tackle compatibility, warnings, and implementation.

== Noteworthy commits ==

  - Commit 19ec6a84d6344c2808d0d41da11956689a0e4ae9 - Fix for CAF
retention when dynamically loading & unloading code

  - Commit 4a0b7a10442eec3747d5f95ef186a79bb0648754 - Build: run
autoreconf jobs in parallel

== Closed tickets ==

#10460, #7672, #9252, #9506, #10294, #5316, #10408, #10386, #9960,
#10145, #9259, #10386, #9507, #8723, #10442, #5014, #4215, #10443,
#8244, #10499, #10500, #10428, #10488, #10489, #10406, #10501, #10441,
#10406, #10502, #9101, #9663, and #9945.


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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