MSYS2 package for GHC 7.10.1

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On 24. 5. 2015 8:43, someone wrote:
> Hi,

Hi. First off, let me note that I proposed multiple things and each affects this in a different way (and some not at all).

> I saw your email at ghc-devs (I couldnt reply to your email because I wasnt subscribed at the time, hence this email) regarding msys2, and was wondering how it would affect the msys instructions at : 

Note that these steps results in a setup roughly equivalent to the one MinGHC provides.

> Currently I use these instructions to setup ghc in msys2, but I suspect these would change following your modifications.

If the mingw-unbundling proposal goes through and the MSYS2 package gets sanctioned, the new steps would be:

1. Install MSYS2 and update using pacman
2. Install ghc and cabal-install packages using pacman

For usage inside a POSIX shell, launch mingw64_shell.bat. For usage outside of MSYS2, add `$msysroot/mingw64/bin` to PATH.

David Macek

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