INLINE pragmas

Thomas Miedema thomasmiedema at
Thu Jul 30 12:25:19 UTC 2015

> INLINE[n]    becomes ONLY_INLINE_FROM[n]
> ...
> And I am not even sure if ONLY_INLINE_FROM has the connotation of
> definite inlining to every reader...

ONLY_INLINE_FROM is problematic indeed, because it could just as well mean
the same as MAY_INLINE_FROM.

I still think we should consider splitting up the original INLINE[n] pragma
into two simpler pragmas (it currently does two things, whereas NOINLINE[n]
does only one thing). Here' another suggestion (note that phases count

INLINE[2]    becomes  NO_INLINE > 2, INLINE <= 2
NOINLINE[2]  becomes  NO_INLINE > 2

Or, if we don't want two separate pragmas:

INLINE[2]    becomes  INLINE_IFF <= 2
NOINLINE[2]  becomes  NOINLINE > 2
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